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  • Al Sahl Realty is Pakistan’s authorized Real Estate Agency that provides a platform to sell and rent properties in Bahria Town.
  • The history behind this establishment is about the Islamic story of two brothers Sahl and Suhayl, who belonged to the Najjar Tribe of Islam.
  • This story is also known as the background of Masjid e Nabawi; which was built in the center of the city for essential duties.

Idea Behind Al Sahl Realty Foundation

  • When the Holy Prophet (SAW) came with his people to Madinah, they needed a place to build a Mosque to discuss some important duties that were given to them.
  • When Prophet SAW had just entered the city, his camel stopped; and kneeled at an empty plot where two orphan kids SAHL and SUHAYL were drying the dates. These orphans were under the protection of a Medinah Muslim, Muadh bin Afra.
  • Prophet SAW decided to purchase this plot and will establish a mosque over here.
  • The honorable Prophet SAW was told that the plot he intends to purchase belongs to two orphans Sahl and Suhayl. He sent a word for these two kids and asked them about the price.
  • The two orphans refused to take money from the Prophet SAW; and said that they could give this plot to the honorable Prophet (SAW) for the sake of Allah. The Prophet SAW refused the proposal and bought the plot at the actual price of 10 shekels of gold.
  • This story plays a vital role in establishing Masjid e Nabawi, where Muslims come from around the world to perform Salah and worship their God.

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The team who are devoted to Al Sahl Realty understands well what the other person wants. We thoroughly go through every detail as per the requirements of the client. As the market price changes every day; we make sure that our clients and we stay up to date. We always make sure that our clients are happy and satisfied through building trusted patronage.

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Every person’s dream is to have a beautiful, comfortable and luxurious house; —a heaven for the person and their family members where they spend their time peacefully. Al Sahl Team does all their best to make their dream come true and find a suitable house location for our clients.

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Al Sahl Team, people with experience and expertise in Real Estate Field, have come together to help the client make a good deal. Team Al Sahl works hard for their clients’ satisfaction and always goes beyond expectations.