Commercial Areas In Bahria Town Karachi

The commercial area of Bahria Town Karachi provides almost every necessity, which a person or a family needs.

The commercial area of Bahria Town Karachi provides almost every necessity, which a person or a family needs. Presence of Banks and A.T.M.s for easy money transactions, nearby markets for daily needs. You do not have to go outside of Bahria to go shopping as they have malls. People who love to go to Bazar to buy fruits and veggies; Bahria Town Karachi also has a traditional Bazar for its residents.


The availability of Banks and A.T.M.s in any neighborhood has become very important. That is why many banks are located near and inside Bahria Town, Karachi. This facility allows people to make transactions anytime they want, stopping the risk of carrying a handsome amount on them.

Some of the most important banks present in the area are:

  • A branch of United Bank is located on Karachi Hyderabad Motorway 
  • Faysal Bank Ltd and Meezan Bank are located near Bahria Town and College in Bahria Town
  • Finally, you will find Sindh Bank situated on 5th Avenue in Gadap Town, a drive of about 10 minutes from this housing scheme 
  • Bank Alfalah is also located on the premises of this housing society

Due to this convenience, the residents do not have to travel to the central city to carry out everyday transactions.


Life might become complicated for people living in an area that does not facilitate markets nearby. Apart from all the inconvenience and time wasted in going far away to get an item, the fuel cost can put a solid dent in your wallet. The town’s management has taken care of the problem productively. You can find markets near Bahria Town, Karachi, and inside for every kind of necessity.

The town has a marketplace within its boundaries. Every product for daily use is available in this market called Green Valley in Precinct 18. It offers a quality shopping experience to its people, and it is the giant hypermarket managed by Bahria Town. 

The market provides an extensive range of exclusive brands, ranging from clothing, cosmetics, toys, stationery, home décor, perfumes, baby care, bath and bed, and more.  It has a fresh bakery containing fresh pastries and baked bread daily.

Green Valley also has fresh organic fruits and vegetables. Bilal Departmental Store is another super-store containing a large variety of grocery items.

Some other markets are available nearby, including a supermarket in Precinct 10-A and a Shopping Gallery in Precinct 19. Furthermore, at a driving distance of around 12 minutes, near Manchar Lake, two more markets are also available: Raees Ahmed Jokhio Market and Rind Market, Kathore.

Shopping Centers Malls In Bahria Town Karachi

Shopping Centers or Malls nowadays have become a significant part of modern lifestyle. They have changed people’s perspectives and shopping from different social statuses, and they prefer them to Traditional Bazaars. Residential areas with malls nearby are regarded as a better choice.

The housing society accommodates a Mall, Shopping Gallery in Precinct 02. This shopping area has many things to offer. In addition to accommodating apparel brands, you can see the mall has a wide variety of grocery shopping options. 

Another famous mall is the Dominion Tower, a large project still under construction. 

Medical Facilities

Among other basic facilities, the availability of prompt medical treatment has great significance. Hence, it is only ordinary for people to look for a residential neighborhood with hospitals nearby. So, in any case of any medical emergencies that might arise, high-standard hospitals and clinics are present within Bahria Town Karachi and nearby areas to provide the services.

Bahria Town International Hospital

Bahria Town International Hospital, which has both emergency and intensive care units, consists of 120-bed. It provides an array of imaging and interventional procedures and facilities such as M.R.I.s, CT scans, Mammography, X-ray, etc. Highly qualified professionals and experienced doctors are present to provide enhanced medical care to patients.

Moreover, Bait Al Batterjee Medical Company, which operates hospitals in Saudi Arabia, has signed an agreement with Bahria Town to setup containing 150 to 300-beds hospitals in the society. Bahria’s C.E.O. Malik Riaz has also prepared to set up at least Two Spinal and Neurosurgery Centers in association with Harley Street Clinic in London, England.

In the meantime, the other medical choice for the residents of Bahria Town is farther away. Kiran Hospitals and Memon Memorial on Safoorah Goth drive around 35 mins from this area. Moreover, Quratulain General Hospital, Iftikhar Memorial Hospitaland Ayesha General Hospital are on the main commercial road of Gulshan-e-Hadeed is a drive of about 40 mins from the scheme.

Jamia Mosque

Ensure that residents are in comfort and have all basic required facilities. Having a place for offering prayers in the near vicinity has great significance. There are many Jamia Mosque located in Bahria Town. One of them is The Grand Mosque of Bahria Town, located in Precinct 13, which is believed to be the third-largest mosque in the world and can accommodate almost all 0.8 million worshippers.

It is linked to 400ft. wide Jinnah Avenue, making it convenient from the very part of Bahria Town. It will consist of; 

  • An Islamic museum, 
  • A library, containing 5000 books 
  • An Islamic community center. 
  • A state-of-the-art Islamic Research Centre and 
  • An International University will also be a part of this mosque. 

One of the most notable attributes of the mosque is its Thermal Powerhouse and the Air Conditioning and Water Supply Systems. Islamic and Mughal architecture greatly influenced the planned design, similar to Mosques in Malaysia, Turkey, and Dubai.

Other mosques also situated nearby include Masjid Dureji Rd, Masjid Bilal near Jinnah Avenue, Masjid Ayesha, Jamia, and Usmania Masjid on Hyderabad Motorway near Usmania Highway Restaurant.

Educational Institutes

A promising housing scheme is designed to take care of all your necessity. While Bahria Town is located just a few kilometers away from the main city, many schools, colleges, institutes, and universities are inside and around it. Therefore, such a location, which ensures there are many well-reputed educational institutes in the area.

Some of the most well-known schools found in the area are:  

  • The primary school and college of the area, Bahria Town School and College are found near Tauheed Square towards the Karachi Hyderabad Motorway.
  • Qasim Gabol Goth School and Gabol Abad Girls High are located in Gabol Abad, a drive of about 15 minutes from this area and 
  • On Jinnah Avenue in Bahria Town, The Educators and Roots Millennium School are located.

A wide range of schools is also found in Gajjan GothMalir City, a drive of around 15 mins from the area. They include Government Girl Playgroup School, H.I.G. Public School, and Government Boys High Secondary School, Konkan. While, School Goth Khatto Gabol, Hamza Khan Gabol Village’s School in Gadap Town are 5km from this area. 

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