Grocery Stores in Bahria Town Karachi

Grocery Stores in Bahria Town Karachi Al Sahl Realty
Bahria Town Karachi provide all the necessities of life, including grocery stores like Dream Mart Precinct 19, Imtiaz Mega, Bilal Dept. Store

A good grocery stores is the top priority for any residence, and happily so Bahria Town Karachi promises to provide all the necessities of life, including nearby grocery markets.

Fresh meat, vegetables, fruits, clothes, makeup, pharmacies, and all other essential utensils are present at each precinct. 

Bilal Department Store

Bilal Department Grocery Store-bahria-town-karachi-btk-alsahl-realty (2)

All bakery items, including fresh fruits and vegetables, are at Bilal Departmental Store. This highly-rated superstore resides in Iqbal Villa, full fills all the household necessities just like other supermarkets.

Location: Bilal Departmental Store

Imtiaz Mega Grocery Stores, Bahria Town Karachi 

Doing groceries from Imtiaz is the first choice of most Pakistani citizens, and why not? Obviously, Imtiaz is one of the top-notch supermarkets.

Imtiaz Mega Grocery Stores, Bahria Town Karachi btk-alsahl-realty

This rapidly progressing superstore is now operating in Bahria Town PRECINCT 19. Imtiaz supermarket has more than 20 different branches around the country. In 67 years, Imtiaz has made a record of massive sales.

Location: Imtiaz Mega Super Market, Bahria Town

Dream Mart Precinct 19

Dream Mart Precinct 19 Bahria Town Karachi btk-alsahl-realty

This local superstore is at Precinct 19 opposite tower 7. Residents of Precinct 19 are pretty happy with the shopping experience at dream mart store, as seen from the reviews.

Location: Dream Mart Precinct 19, Bahria Town

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